Eleva controller


  • Ready to use for Domotika networks
  • Domotikad daemon preinstalled
  • based on Debian GNU/Linux
  • ATOM CPU for low power consumption

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Product Description

Eleva is a pre-installed and pre-configured Domotika controller based on our open source domotikad daemon, complete with all the needed software, ready to use in a plug and play fashion to amplify and complete a powerfull and full featured home automation system

Easy to deploy and customize thanks to the standard LAMP stack for the gui and the RESTfull API, strongly based on open source software

Eleva controller is a small but powerful server system that, thanks to the software included, expands, simplifies and complete the “Domotika” system.

Result of intense integration work, largely based on the best available open source software, Eleva has low power consumption and the highest efficiency.

The main purpose of Eleva  in a Domotika system  is to unify the devices view of the system in a single user interface, and, thanks to the software installed on the system, enrich the distribuited features by integrating together the functionality of different devices, whether Domotika devices or third parties, and allowing elaborate logic of interaction between them, expanding in a virtually unlimited possibilities of a Domotika system.

The configuration of complex scenarios allows, for example, to turn a light off or turn the gas off remotely with a phone call, specify a sequence of actions such as lowering the blinds, lock the doors, close the curtains when it starts to rain or when rising the wind.

Advanced Timer feature allows you to schedule repetitive tasks in complex sequences, for example, we can lower all the shutters in the evening at 19 o’clock except the one in the kitchen, we keep up to 50cm to allow the dog goes in the garden, turn the coffee machine on in the morning at 7:30 and then turn it off at 8:15, but only from Monday untill Friday and excluding the month of August …

Scenarios, timer, integration of different systems, in a simple and unlimited way, the only limits are your imagination and your needs.


  • Supervision of management system with backup, configurations and firmware
  • Primary services (DHCP, firewall, routing, VLAN management)
  • Remote access support via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • PBX functionality with IVR, Voice, FAX, internal management, video telephony, videocitophony
  • Management domain name server in LAN (DNS)
  • Discovery and auto-configuration of Domotika’s devices
  • A single web interface for complete control of the Domotika system
  • Provisioning system (update) Domotika’s devices
  • Supervision of audio / video distribution
  • DVB broadcasting support
  • Logging network events
  • HTTP API for interfacing with third-party systems
  • Gateway for third-party protocols
  • API for customizing interfaces and event management
  • Unlimited advanced and customizable scenarios, scheduler and timer
  • PVR surveillance control
  • Voice commands with speech recognition

Hardware Features:

DMCQv1 consists of a very small system based on Mini-ITX ATOM technology on which is installed the software coded by our technicians on the basis of the integrated open source software.

The HW characteristics of the system are:

  • CPU Intel ATOM Dual Core 1.86GHz Cedar View
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
  • HDMI output
  • Multimedia card reader
  • Audio inputs and outputs
  • 320GB HD
  • RTC (real time clock) with auto-rechargeable battery

Major software installed:

  • Operating System: Debian GNU / Linux architecture armhf
  • Telephony / Video intercom: Digium Asterisk
  • WEB server: Apache2
  • Firewall: iptables
  • VPN: openvpn
  • Routing: iproute2, quagga
  • DB: MySQL
  • Management system Domotika: Domotikad
  • Video Surveillance: Zoneminder


Open Source:


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