Elettra I/O Board


  • 12 relays up to 250VAC @ 16A
  • 12 20A amperometers
  • 12 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • board based on pic18f97j60
  • fully programmable
  • IP connectivity

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Product Description

Elettra is a powerfull I/O board equipped with all you need to activate almost everything is commonly attached to a common building/home electric distribution, with low consumption conceived to be rock solid and durable.

Easy to configure thanks to the web based admin interface, easy to use thanks to the Web based APIs.

Hardware Features:

  • powered by a Microchip PIC18f97j60 MCU, with a 32 kByte external EEPROM to store configurations and web interface and 8 kByte external SPI RAM
  • 12 relays up to 250VAC at 16A
  • every relay has a rapid 20A fuse protection
  • 12 hall effect amperometer (one for each relay) to measure current usage
  • 12 Digital opto-isolated inputs up to 50 meters distance, 4 of them driveable by interrupts
  • 2 Analog inputs with 10 bit ADC supporting voltage up to 50V (0-5V by default, trimmerable)
  • 1 TTL level serial I/O port
  • 1 10 megabit ethernet port with rj45 connector
  • 1 reset microswitch on board
  • 3 signal leds, 2 for ethernet, 1 for MCU activity, all leds are programmable.
  • 1 ICSP header for programming
  • CE and ROHS
Even if every single relay can be used for loads up to 16A at 250VAC, the board is to be used with no more than 32A at 250VAC total load. It’s up to you to be carefull when use the board connected to power distribution, please pay attenction to use all the needed precautions when you put your hands on dangerous voltage/current circuits!




Elettra comes with different firmwares depending on what you need from it, or even without any firmware if you want to put yourself in building a custom one for your needs.

If you intend to use Elettra in a domotika Internet Of Things network, is highly suggested to use it with our most powerfull and complete firmare, “RelayMaster”, the one used by us for home automation.

If your goal is to integrate Elettra in a common HTTP based internet of things network, you can use it with our “WebRelay” firmware.

Last, but not least, if you need to build your own firmware, you can start by looking at standard Microchip pic libraries, or write one by your own from scratch easily as the hardware mapping is documented on our wiki.


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