A Domotika system is composed by 4 types of devices:

  • Actuation boards
  • a Controller
  • Network devices
  • Sensors, switches, wall sockets, electric motors and so on

Actuation boards are embedded devices built by Unixmedia or from third party capable to speak IKAProtocol, our UDP based ad-hoc protocol, where lights, sockets, valvles and all electric charges and switches are connected and drived by. They can drive both digital or analog signals, and are the most important part of the system as they are the actuators that interact with the “real physical world things”.

The Controller is a GNU/Linux based machine that can be an embedded arm or a big server based on the real CPU horse power needed (usually the power of a Raspberry or an atom is more than enough for a medium home with full automation) on which we will install our “domotikad” software and other tools. He’s primary service is to offer a single WEB based interface to the home automation system, but it also offer services like advanced scenarios, cloud based services like interaction with openweathermap, a VoIP (asterisk) based IP telephony PBX, advanced statuses based and time based events, speech recognition and any other advanced and non-critical feature that the actuation boards aren’t capable to offer alone.

Network devices are all the common accessories needed to build ethernet base LAN networks, like switches, access points, routers, modems…

An Open Source Internet of Things system

Domotika is open source. The first complete and real production ready IP based home automation system. Are you a developer? a geek? you don’t need to buy closed source software and licenses from us. You don’t even need to buy from us the controller. You can just install your preferred GNU/Linux machine that will serve as the controller, build your own LAN network, and just add our I/O Boards. All the needed software for the controller is freely downlodable from GITHUB, complete with the source code under GPL free software license.

Are you an integrator? Did you want to build your own product line based on Domotika? If your product will be open source too (we encourage that!), just build it and sell it! You can also personalize the web gui of our I/O Boards. Did you prefer to add your own closed source software? We can give you a different license schema for our software that let you integrate it in closed software.

Are you an Internet Of Things device productor? Our protocol is under a permissive BSD license. Just add it to your products and get advantages integrating our devices and let your system talk with domotika. For free. No annual fee or any subcription is needed. Just do it.